Galaxy is offering three classes in the morning at Berkeley Chess school this year -- a robotics enrichment camp, a programming camp, and an advanced competition camp that combines the two skills.

The Galaxy Robotics camp is a unique and exciting opportunity for people with all levels of experience in robotics. Over the course of a week, students will learn the essentials of robotics, game design, and engineering. This camp will not only teach students technology, but also the importance of teamwork. They will work with teams of three or four in order to solve a brand new pre-designed game challenge, similar to basketball. Each team will individually design their robots with guidance from instructors using the VEX Robotics Competition system with the goal of competing in the cumulative competition at the end of the week. Repeat students will be able to pursue more ambitious designs and utilize available advanced sensors and autonomous programming.

Price: $215 / Week

The Galaxy programming camp offers students an individualized programming experience for all levels. Students will have the opportunity to learn programming languages such as Python and Java, as well as introductory animation through Blender and Scratch. Sessions are one week each, but students who come back for multiple weeks will have the opportunity to continue their experience in more depth and learn more advanced concepts. In this half day camp, students will not only learn the basic concepts of programming, but they will also learn the theory behind computer science and its applications in an increasingly STEM oriented society.

Price: $215 / Week

The Galaxy Integrated Competition camp is a rigorous and content intensive camp, where both robotics and programming are combined to simulate a real competition setting. Students will work in groups of three to four to design, build, and program their robots to compete in a series of challenges, with the final one being a friendly sport-like competition between groups. Students will gain intensive in-depth knowledge of all of the skills necessary to create their own competitive high school or middle school VEX teams. Challenges will alternate each week, so repeat campers will encounter radically different experiences between weeks.

Price: $230 / Week